Students life

In the campus there are 188 scientific societies and student organizations, university radio station (Radio UWM FM), television (TV Kortowo) and magazines, the Kortowo Folklore Song and Dance Troupe, the Chior of the UWM, famous volleyball team AZS UWM and many others. All this constitutes a great social and cultural environment to interact and to acquire experience by meeting people from various fields of knowledge and from different countries.

The most popular societies are:

Erasmus Student Network Olsztyn
Erasmus Student Network Olsztyn (ESN Olsztyn) is a non-profit international student organization. ESN Olsztyn offers help for incoming Erasmus students in the academic, social and practical integration process. This is mainly done through activities, which include cultural and social events such as trips to various places within the country, film nights, buddy group, language projects and international food festivals. The ESN Olsztyn also provides relevant information and encourages future exchange students to gain international experience and relevant insight into different cultures. All the activities mentioned above create great conditions for acting on local, national and international scale for all UWM students.

AIESEC is one the biggest international organization which for ten years gives an opportunity to discover and develop potential among students through international placements, big number of conferences, workshops and project which all together creates global educational environment. AISEC helps students to develop entrepreneurship, social responsibility as well as teaches team work and project management.
Most of foreign incoming students keenly take a part in activities organized by AISEC combining professional experience with entertainment.

Student Council
Student Council of the University is a body that represents over 30.000 of the UWM students. It initiates and conducts a big number of social, scientific and cultural projects. Through the implementation of various projects it spreads an idea of democracy and self-government as well as teaches responsibility for decisions. The most important events organized by the Student Council are Kortowiada festival and BELFER Contest, which is a competition for the most popular teacher of the year, held annually since 2005.

Besides those 3 main organizations mentioned above at the University exist big number of active societies such as:

Academic Society of Young Construction Engineers 
Student Academic Society of Quality Management 
Society for Philosophical Initiative 
Academic Society of Educational Media 
Academic Society of Political Scientists 
DZIKS Academic Society of Journalism and Social Communication 
WEtKi Internet Veterinary Society 
Academic Society of International Economics 
Academic Society of the Real Estate Market 
Academic Society Landscape Architects 
Kreator University Economic Society 
Academic Society of Biotechnologists 
Academic Society of Porcine Breeding 
Academic Society of Hydrobiologists and Fishers 
Academic Society of Ecologists
LABEO Society of Aquarists 
Student Society of Chiropterologists
Student-doctoral Academic Society of Ecologists 
Academic Society of Ecological Engineers 
„Myszki" Student Academic Photography Society 
NADIR Academic Society of Geodesy and Cartography Students 
Ad Vocem Student Administrative Forum 
Academic Society of Dairy Technologists 
UWM Sports Union 
European Law Student Association, Olsztyn 

Soli Deo Omnia University Catholic Association


UWM academic societies' activities are coordianted by the Rector's Proxy for academic societies' affairs.  The Rector's Proxy from the academic year 2008/2009 is Prof dr. Stanisław Okrasa.  

Contact to the Rector's Proxy: office hours: Tuesdays 13.00-15.00, tel. 089-523-49-23, secretary's office 523-32-01, e-mail: