Rules of admission for a 2nd-cycle programme

Diplomas awarded in Poland

The condition for applying for admission to a 2nd-cycle programme in a given field of study is to have a diploma of graduation from at least first-cycle studies (of vocational nature). The Faculty Council shall specify the range of courses the graduates of which may apply to the studies, with the preferred profiles of a graduate detailed, and the main criterion is the ranking of the final results achieved during studies, not rounded to a full number, within the framework of the specified limit of spaces.

The results of a graduate from a higher education institution that uses the grading scale with the highest mark 5.50 or 6.00 shall be converted during the admission proceedings according to the following rule:

  1. for the grading scale with the highest mark of 5.50 - the result achieved during studies shall be divided by the factor of 1.1
  2. for the grading scale with the highest mark of 6.00 - the result achieved during the studies shall be divided by the factor of 1.2

Candidates applying for admission to 2nd-cycle courses are required, within the time limit specified in the admissions schedule, to submit to the Admissions Committee a document confirming the final result of the first cycle programme or Master's Degree (2nd-cycle or long-cycle Master's Degree programme) - without adjustment, to provide a full assessment, according to the formula specified by UWM.


Admission procedure - the rules of admission for candidates who are holders of a university degree awarded abroad

The condition to apply for admission to the second-cycle program in English is to have a diploma allowing to continue education at a second degree in a country in which the university system operates the university which issued the diploma or diploma for further education in Poland on based on an international agreement. The procedure for recognition of a foreign diploma in order to apply for admission to second-cycle programs is defined in separate regulations.
Admission to studies is decided by submitting a complete set of documents that meets the formal requirements


  1. application for admission (on the Online Registration of Candidates [IRK] printout) bearing the candidate's signature
  2. photocopy of the diploma for completed studies (original document available on request),
  3. photocopy of the identity card or passport (original document available on request),
  4. photographs in electronic form (JPG format) on an electromagnetic data storage medium,
  5. photographs with dimensions of 35x45 mm, on a light background, pursuant to the requirements applicable for the issue of identity cards, with forename(s) and surname and PESEL (Polish resident identification number) overleaf.


Failure to submit the required documents within the prescribed period means that the candidate renounces applying for studies, and results in deletion of the candidate from the list of candidates eligible for admission to the first year of study at a given field of study without any further request to supplement the documentation.