Postgraduate studies

Faculty of Animal Bioengineering

Production and marketing of industrial feed

Faculty of Biology

Teaching biology in gymnasiums and secondary schools

Teaching nature in primary schools

Teaching chemistry in gymnasiums

Nature conservation management as part of the „Natura 2000" programme

The Faculty of Geodesy and Land Management

Numerical geodesy


Principles of geographic information modelling

Mediation in real estate trading     

Real estate appraisal

Real estate management     

Open space and environmental management

Satellite positioning methods for Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) in geodesy and geographic information systems (GIS) 

The Faculty of Humanities

Library science and information science

Court and legal translation for translators        

Text editing

Polish philology  

Philosophy and ethics


Cross-cultural communication

Cultural studies

Cultures and speech clarity

Regional  history tourism   

European studies  

Faculty of Environmental design and agriculture


Diagnostics in plant protection  

Agriculture and garden production

Faculty  of mathematics and computer science 

Computer science

Applied computer science

Advanced information technology 


Faculty of Veterinary Medicine 

Feed Hygiene  

Faculty of Economics

Internal audit and control

Economic budget accountancy

Economics in business

Economic results of local planning 

Finance and banking

Teaching computer science and statistics  

Marketing and education management

Marketing and corporate management  

Marketing and sales management 

Quality manager

Postgraduate management studies

Teaching entrepreneurship

Insurance studies

Entrepreneurship and modern company management  


Accounting for teachers

Entrepreneur accounting

Market development and sales management in the European Union

Business management

Management of EU funds

Marketing and management in education

Entrepreneur management

Human resource management

Marketing and management in heath services

Faculty of Social Science

Safety and hygiene in the work place

Psychopedagogical diagnosis and therapy

Course for teachers of civil defence training

Course for teachers of safety education  

Career counseling  

Job training for probation officers 

Ethics and political culture for teachers


Correctional gymnastics

Correctional-compensatory gymnastics with elements of biological recovery

Voice training

Training for local-development specialists

Innovation leaders

Speech therapy

Special needs pedagogy with the principles of work in an integrated class

Organisation and management of education  

Organization of Social welfare

Pedagogy of health culture  

Developmental pedagogy

Pedagogy of religion and ethics

Safety and crisis management policy  

Work mediation

Addiction prevention and therapy

Social prophylaxis and rehabilitation

Psychological-sociologcial mechansims of human functioning in a work environment


Creative teaching methods

Pedagogical therapy

Early support in early childhood development

Culture studies

Social and European education studies  

Physical and health education with principles of work in an integrated class

School education

Integrated early education

Integrated art education

Faculty of Social Sciences

Voice emission and functional ethics 

Pedagogical education

Pedagogical education for computer science fields (kerunków)

School career councelor  

Faculty of Fine Arts 

Art education

Industrial arts with elements of art in reformed schools

Faculty of Technical Sciences 

Safety management system analyst

Energy audit of buildings and installations

Work safety and hygiene with elements of ergonomics  

Methods and means  in traffic safety  

Road transport

The use of eletric power euipment for 15 kV s

Energetics and renewable enegery souces

Engineering of civil safety management systems

Engineering of public safety management systems

Computers and nanotechnology

Methods of cost calculation in a market economy

Computer application progams  in engineering

Faculty of Food Technology 

Physics and astronomy

Quality and Food safety manager

AgroUnia - EU agricultural policy

Technical-technological advancement in dairy processing

Human nutrition

Faculty of Environmental Protection and Fisheries 

Ichthyology and aquaculture

Faculty of Law and Administration   



Justice administracja

Communal economics

Control, supervision and auditing in public administration

Court-appointed guardianship

Mediation and alternative ways of settling disputes 

Protection of classified information and legally-protected data in business and administration

Polish and European tax law

Legal aspects of construction investments

Legal aspects of shaping a company's image

Legal and social aspects in managing human resources

Administrative and self-government law

European law

Public finance law

Tax law

Labour law

Public order law

Territorial self-government

Health insurance

Quality management in administration

State aid and EU structural funds


Faculty of Theology 

Theological training


Didactic methods in teaching

Family life education

Psychological prophylaxis in family life