Kortowo Campus

The University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn is situated in a picturesque part of city - Kortowo campus, the unquestionable pride of the University. Learning, leisure and recreation - all these needs are satisfied at the campus. Kortowo occupies an area of 230 hectares and is surrounded by forest and 4 lakes, the biggest one - Kortowskie Lake creates great conditions for leisure activities.

Kortowo satisfies all needs of students living here, providing them everything they need for life:

  • teaching buildings,
  • sports fields and recreation areas,
  • swimming pool,
  • 12 dormitories,
  • shops,
  • services,
  • sport stadium,
  • medicine center,
  • cafeterias,
  • banks,
  • post office,
  • student clubs,
  • parks and greenery,
  • and space with very well developed infrastructure, including modern laboratories, lecture halls, research facilities. 

Kortowo harbor offers a water equipment rental service, including sail boats, rowing boats, kayaks, water bikes and surfboats. The university also has a modern swimming pool complex, consisting of a main pool, a small basin, Jacuzzi and saunas. Swimming competition, in which students of the University are very successful, are held regularly at the pool.
At Kortowo there is also a stable where students can take horse riding lessons offered by qualified instructors or simply take a ride. For those keen on tennis there are several open courts located in different areas of Kortowo. In the center of Kortowo there is also an athletic stadium, where a lot of regional and national sport events take place. 

For those who like jogging, there is a great place - the forest near Kortowo. In Olsztyn you can find about 44 km of cycling paths, however far more interesting are the forest paths in Kortowo, which will enable you to enjoy the beautiful landscape and clean air far from urban traffic and noise. The most common winter sports in Kortowo include cross-country skiing and sledging down Kortowo hill. Sledging during wintertime has almost become a tradition at Kortowo campus.

The scientific heart of the University beats in its library. Since 2007, UWM has had the largest and modern library in north-eastern Poland. A modern, "smart" building with an area of nearly 20 thousand square meters houses and a collection of over a millions items. The library offers reading rooms with free access to resources, booths for individual work, rooms for group work and booths with audio-video equipment as well as a self-check system for self-service borrowing and returning of materials. 

In 2011 Kortowo has been awarded by monthly National Geographic Traveler in the national contest "Polish 7 wonders of nature". "National Geographic Traveler" decided to award with distinction an academic society for incredible skill in local society integration around the most beautiful academic campus in Poland.

To be convinced of this You should view photo gallery illustrating the university landscapes and objects, or simply visit us, and stay longer by selecting studies in Kortowo.