Kortowiada student festival

This yearly student festival at UWM is the largest event in Olsztyn. It has taken place every May since 1959 on the Kortowo campus. An internet vote selected the Kortowiada the best student festival in Poland. Student life at the UWM is full of bloom every May. This is when the Olsztyn students' festival is held. The event is equally exceptional as the venue. Olsztyn students prove that they do not only focus on entertainment - in 2006 and 2008 this was even recognized as the safest students' festival in Poland. Four days full of events are attended by approximately 120 thousand people - students, citizens of Olsztyn and many guests.

The wonderful tradition of this festival includes: parade of faculties through the main streets of Olsztyn, The Venus Show - a beauty pageant, a contest for the best interior decoration of the dormitories and a various faculty competition. This is a spontaneous, joyful, amusing and colorful party. During the whole festival there are numerous concerts including the "MEGA CONCERT" with performances of the greatest polish and world music stars.
There are no words to describe the atmosphere of Kortowiada. The only way to feel it is to come here for study and take a part in this incredible event.

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