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Prioritising actions, addressing the consequences of the pandemic, taking care of the safety of students and appointing the Rector’s Council – these are the tasks to be faced in the near future by the new authorities of the University of Warmia and Mazury and new deans.

On the first of September, the first meeting in the 2020-24 term was held with the new rectorial authorities and new deans. Prof. Jerzy Przyborowski, the UWM Rector since 1 September, presented the management model for the university, which he is planning to implement.

“It is a participatory model in which, at every level of governance, from the rector to the head of the dean's office, every leader will receive maximum powers, but also responsibilities. I strongly encourage you to ensure this participation at all levels”, Prof. Przyborowski emphasised. In addition to appointments to the office, each of the newly appointed deans received information on the financial resources available to them.

The Rector noted that the appointment of vice-rectors and deans were very deliberate decisions.

“It is a great honour for me that you have accepted my invitation to cooperate. The decisions you take will always be honoured by me, provided that they are in compliance with the law, and in line with the mission and strategy of the University,” said the Rector of UWM.

In the context of the tasks which the University is about to face in the near future, the Rector mentioned: setting priorities for actions, developing a development strategy based on the EU perspective, appointing the Rector’s Council, addressing the consequences of the pandemic and taking care of the safety of students and staff.

“I hope that we will ensure safety when carrying out educational tasks. We will set all priorities observing the consensus principle,” the Rector promised.

Rector Jerzy Przyborowski pointed out that the costs of COVID 19 are unavoidable in the financial sphere, and that maintaining high-quality education should be a priority. At the same time, he promised that those for whom it had been difficult so far to cope with remote learning using modern technologies would receive help and support.

At the end of his statement, he once again congratulated everyone on their nominations, wishing them and the whole University plenty of success.

“What we have achieved under the leadership of Rector Ryszard Górecki provides us with a very good starting point. We are starting today from a safe position,” Prof. Przyborowski emphasised.


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