They will help you catch another breath

Clinical University Hospital in Olsztyn will soon become the only medical centre in Poland where patients with respiratory diseases are examined, diagnosed and comprehensively treated in the same place.

The hospital is well-prepared not only for comprehensive examinations of patients with respiratory problems, but also for their treatment in the same place. The hospital has just completed the EU programme: The purchase of high-tech equipment for taking measurements of facial skeleton and its reconstruction. The investment cost three million zlotys, including 2,5 million zlotys from the UE funds. The money allowed the hospital to buy, among other things: a scanner for digital reconstruction of an oral cavity, together with a specialist printer, a CBCT for automatic measurement of facial skeleton and soft tissues with a simulation of maxillary bone displacement, a swallowing diagnostic system, a system for stroboscopic analysis, and sets of highly specialized surgical instruments with a microscope.

The purchase of the equipment will enable the hospital to cooperate with various individuals: businessmen of medical profession, or units conducting medical scientific research. The project was approved by numerous entrepreneurs working in the field of medicine, and by the Warmia-Mazury Chamber of Physicians and Dentists.

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