The 7th Forum of Polish Mathematicians

The 7th Forum of Polish Mathematicians, UWM, Olsztyn
The 7th Forum of Polish Mathematicians was held at the University of Warmia and Mazury; it was attended by mathematicians from Ukraine.

The Forum of Polish mathematicians is held every year, each time at a different venue. This year it was held in Olsztyn, at UWM, for the second time (the first time was in 2010). This happened at the request of the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, to celebrate the 15th anniversary of its establishment.

- The Forum of Polish Mathematicians is a meeting of mathematicians working both in Poland and abroad, who deal with various scientific matters, who – due to their specialisation – have no other opportunity to meet. This event creates a favourable environment for sharing and exchanging opinions and for discussing the current tasks that modern mathematics performs. It is also an opportunity for debating the issues faced by mathematicians in Poland and for meetings in groups of friends – says Prof. Wacław Marzantowicz, Chairman of the Polish Mathematical Society (PMS), which co-organised this event along with the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Sciences of the UWM.

The forum was attended by about 150 scientists representing all academic centres in Poland which carry out scientific research. The presence of mathematicians from Ukraine was for two reasons. First, the PMS tries to invite mathematicians from other countries. It has been attended by mathematicians from the USA and from Israel – because of their numerous links with Poland – and from Germany – due to the country’s geographical proximity. Second...

- Ukrainian mathematicians are coming because Ukraine is our neighbour, but also for political reasons, as a token of solidarity with Ukraine fighting separatists – explains Prof. Aleksy Tralle, member of the Management Board of the PMS.

What is the position of Polish mathematicians in the world?

- Before World War II, Polish mathematicians were among the best in the world, and the war was a disaster for our mathematical circles. We have made up for the losses over time and now we are somewhere in the middle in terms of the level of mathematical research. Our strongest points among the branches of mathematics include probability theory, dynamic systems and algebraic geometry – says Prof. Stefan Jackowski of the University of Warsaw.

On the first day of the Forum, Prof. Stanisław Kwapień was granted the title of Honorary Member of the PMS. This was followed by presentation of the winners of the PMS prizes and lectures delivered by them.

The conference lasted from 12 to 16 September 2016.



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