Professor Jerzy Przyborowski – the New Rector of the UWM

prof. Jerzy Przyborowski
Dr hab. Jerzy Przyborowski, Professor of UWM, the previous Vice-Rector for Development of Education and Student Affairs, has become the new Rector of the University of Warmia and Mazury. He will assume his new post on 1 September.

The election of the Rector of the UWM was held on 10 June. It was to have been held on 28 April, but it was rescheduled because of the COVID-19 pandemic. There were two candidates for the post of the rector – Dr hab. Jarosław Dobkowski, Professor of UWM, Dean of the Faculty of Law and Administration of the UWM, and Dr hab. Jerzy Przyborowski, Professor of UWM, previous Vice-Rector for Development of Education and Student Affairs. The election was direct and was held at the Conference Centre, with all the safety regulations strictly observed. The Rector is elected by the electoral college of 115 people. There were 107 electors present. Prof. Dobkowski received 15 votes and Prof. Przyborowski – 90. One invalid vote and one abstaining vote were cast.

‘I recognise the results of the election, I thank all those who voted for me and let me extend my best wishes to the new rector of the UWM’, said Prof. Dobkowski after the election.

The new rector thanked all those who had helped and supported him throughout the campaign, including Rector Ryszard Górecki, who had offered him the position of vice-rector and opened new development opportunities for him, as well as his family and the late Vice-Rector, Prof. Grzegorz Białuński.

‘I owe him a lot’, he said.

In his brief statement for the media, Prof. Przyborowski talked about the future of the UWM.

‘I regard this result as a great commitment. You are entrusting me with what is most important to us all – our university. I will do my best not to disappoint you. What we have ahead of us is one of the most important things: the 2022 scientific evaluation. The future of our university will depend on it. There’s still time to make our activities more dynamic to win a place among the best Polish universities. I look forward to the future with humility and joy. There are a number of challenges ahead of us. I want to implement a participation-based management system at the university. The election result makes me believe that there are people who wish to participate in it’, the Rector-elect said.

The new rector wants to strengthen the cooperation of the UWM with the authorities of Olsztyn and the region, because the development of the region depends strongly on the development of the university, which is responsible for educating students and for conducting scientific activities aimed at satisfying the needs of the region.

When asked about the names of the vice-rectors, Prof. Przyborowski admitted that he already knew them, but said that it was too early to make them public. He will resume his position on 1 September.



Dr hab. Jerzy Przyborowski, professor of UWM, was born in 1964 in Łasin, Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship. He graduated from ART (College of Agriculture and Technology) in Olsztyn in 1988. He was conferred the title of doctor in 1992 at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences, horticulture - genetics, plant breeding and biotechnology, and the title of doctor habilitated in 2004. His first job was at the Agricultural Advisory Unit at the Institute of Agricultural Education of ART in Olsztyn, which he took up shortly before graduation. After working for several months at the unit, in February 1989 he started work as an assistant trainee at the Unit of Genetics and Seed Production of the Department of Plant Breeding and Seed Production and began his doctoral studies in biotechnology at the Department of Genetics, Plant Breeding and Biotechnology at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences. In 1992, he was employed at the Department of Plant Breeding and Seed Production of the Faculty of Environmental Management and Agriculture of the UWM, initially as an assistant lecturer and, subsequently, as a lecturer. In 2014, he assumed the position of Vice-Rector for Education Development and Student Affairs – 1st deputy of the Rector. He is Head of the Inter-Departmental Plant Biotechnology Workshop at the Faculty of Environmental Management and Agriculture.

He conducts research in crop biotechnology (molecular genetics and plant in vitro cultures) and plant breeding.

He is the author of 51 publications, including 46 original research papers, 1 monograph and 2 lecture scripts. He is a co-author of 1 book and 2 lecture scripts. Professor Przyborowski is a co-author of 11 utility models – cultivars of Salix spp. and 1 nucleotide sequence in the NCBI GenBank. Citation index 311. Hirsch index 9. Professor Przyborowski has supervised several dozen master and engineer diploma theses. He is a member of several scientific unions and associations.

Awards and distinctions: Bronze Cross of Merit, “Zielony Feniks” Statuette – Team Award of Zielony Feniks Foundation for scientific and research achievements in sustainable energy engineering, eight awards granted by the Rector of UWM, 2018 – Medal of the Commission of National Education, 2019 – The “Best of the Best”  Laurel awarded by Marshal of the Warmińsko-Mazurskie Voivodship.

Interests: classical music, film, theatre, mountain hiking.