• 22/09/2015

    Geodesy with Category A

    The Faculty of Geodesy, Geospatial and Civil Engineering was promoted to the scientific category A; it is the only geodetic faculty in Poland with this category.
  • 22/07/2015

    To the world's beginnings

    The UWM's radio-astronomical station in Bałdy is having new antennae installed. One day they may receive a signal from outer space, a signal anticipated by the entire humanity.
  • 29/06/2015

    Stable strong position of the University of Warmia and Mazury in the ranking of Perspektywy

    Veterinary medicine – the 1st place in Poland, agricultural and forest sciences – the 4th place, food, nutrition and environmental sciences – the 5th place in Poland. These are the results of the most recent ranking of Polish schools of higher education. After 16 years of existence, UWM is firmly seated in the 11th place.
  • 29/06/2015

    The Faculty of Economic Sciences authorised to confer habilitation degrees

    On 22 June, the Faculty of Economic Sciences was granted full academic rights. The decision to grant the authorisation to confer the degree of habilitated doctor in the field of economics was taken by the Central Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles.
  • 15/06/2015

    The Faculty of Law with full rights

    The Faculty of Law and Administration was authorised to confer the degree of habilitated doctor in the field of legal sciences. This means that it received full academic rights.
  • 15/06/2015

    Distinction for geodesy and cartography

    The field of geodesy and cartography at the Faculty of Geodesy, Geospatial and Civil Engineering of the University of Warmia and Mazury received a ‘distinguishing’ mark for the quality of education. This is the only field of geodesy at a Polish university that has received such a high grade.
  • 11/03/2015

    New professors

    Prof. Anita Franczak and prof. Ewa Żebrowska recently joined the body of professors at the UWM.
  • 23/02/2015

    New professors

    During a ceremony held on 21 January in the Presidential Palace, Bronisław Komorowski – the President of the Republic of Poland – awarded professor degrees to four UWM scholars.
  • 03/02/2015

    Award for the African passion

    Dr hab. Iwona Anna Ndiaye, the associate professor of UWM from the Department of Eastern Slavic Studies, has won this year’s aFrykasy Award in the field of science. The award is granted by the “Afryka Inaczej” Foundation so as to honour people who work in media, culture or science, and who promote African issues and support Polish-African dialogue in Poland.
  • 31/12/2014

    They will help you catch another breath

    Clinical University Hospital in Olsztyn will soon become the only medical centre in Poland where patients with respiratory diseases are examined, diagnosed and comprehensively treated in the same place.