New seat of faculties in 2 years

new seat, Faculties of Law and Administration and Social Sciences, UWM
17 companies want to build the new seat of the Faculties of Law and Administration and Social Sciences. If everything goes well, it will be built in two years.

On the 10 February 2016, the University of Warmia and Mazury opened a tender to build the new seat of the Faculties of Law and Administration (WPiA) and Social Sciences (WNS). 17 companies made their offers. They propose prices from 42 to 65 million PLN. The examination of offers and processing of appeals can take a lot of time. UWM’s authorities desire to complete the construction on the 30 March 2018 – including the I stage of the project till the end of March 2017.

The new facility will be built according to the construction project prepared by the architectural office Sosak & Sosak Projekt. The construction documentation has been prepared on the basis of the architectural concept by the design office Pracopol Usługi Projektowe Jacek Dobielski from Mrągowo.

The new seat of WNS and WPiA will have an area of more than 12,500 m2. Each faculty will receive more than 2000 m2 at its sole disposal, and more than 7000 m2 of common space.

The building, with a partial basement, will have from 2 to 4 overground floors. Its maximum height will be approx. 18 m. The roof will be flat.

6 staircases, two lifts and a stair lift for disabled people have been designed in the building. It will also include: lecture halls, classrooms; seminar and computer rooms; a court room, theatrical forms practice, preschool, speech therapy, practical and technical activities rooms, as well as a music room and a forensic laboratory. There will also be: technical and administrative rooms, dean’s offices, rooms for teaching and research employees, etc.

The facade of the building will be finished with clinker brick lining. It is to refer to the historic architecture of the old part of Kortowo, but it will also harmonize with the former barracks at Aleja Warszawska.

- We intend to begin the construction in spring, and it will be carried out in 2 stages – says Prof. Ryszard Górecki, Rector of UWM. – First, we will build the part for the Faculty of Law and Administration. When it is ready, the lawyers will move out of the building which they currently occupy. Only then we will be able to demolish it and build a new building in its place, which will be destined for the Faculty of Social Sciences.