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During a ceremony held on 21 January in the Presidential Palace, Bronisław Komorowski – the President of the Republic of Poland – awarded professor degrees to four UWM scholars.

Prof. Dariusz Choszcz

During a ceremony held on 21 January in the Presidential Palace, Bronisław Komorowski – the President of the Republic of Poland – awarded professor degrees to four UWM scholars.

Prof. Dariusz Jan Choszcz (1963) graduated from the Faculty of Mechanics at the Academy of Agriculture and Technology in Olsztyn, in the year 1988. He was awarded the title of a Doctor of Agricultural Sciences in 1995, at the Faculty of Agriculture at the Academy of A&T. In 2010, he earned habilitation.

Prof. Choszcz’s research topics include: identification of biomaterials physical properties, monitoring and modelling the processes of seed cleaning and screening, designing and constructing new cleaning equipment, optimization of machine tools, development of crop spraying techniques, and the use of planning and statistical analysis of innovative experimental research within the fields of agricultural, natural, and health sciences. Prof. Choszcz’s academic achievements comprise 161 items, including 94 original and published creative works and 6 patents. The Professor has taken part in seven research projects, including 6 projects co-funded by the EU, and 5 statutory assignments.

Professor Dariusz Choszcz conducts classes with students from the Faculty of Technical Sciences, and the Faculty of Environmental Management and Agriculture, as well as with doctoral candidates at the Faculty of Technical Sciences and the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.

As many as 60 students have written their theses under Prof. Choszcz’s direction. The Professor was also the supervisor of one completed doctorate, and another one that is still in the process of realization. He gives much contribution to the work of his faculties and the University. He is the Vice-Dean for the development and promotion of the Faculty of Technical Sciences. Moreover, he is the head of the Chair of Machinery and Research Methodology. Prof. Choszcz is also a member of the Polish Agricultural Engineering Society, Polish Society of Agrophysics, and of the Polish Society of Food Engineering and Technology “Spomasz”.

Prof. Ireneusz Kowalski received the Diploma of General Medical Practitioner in 1981 at the Medical University of Gdańsk. The title of a Doctor of Medicine was awarded to him in 1998, and the habilitation – 10 years later, both at the Medical College of the Jagiellonian University in Cracow. In the years 2008-2009, he was a member of the team of experts working for the Minister of Health, developing a program preventing faulty postures of children and the youth. In 2009, he was appointed a Member of the Polish Examination Board in the field of medical rehabilitation, and a year later – of the Polish Accreditation Committee.

Prof. Kowalski is the Head of the Chair and the Clinic of Rehabilitation at the UWM Faculty of Medical Sciences, as well as the Head of the Clinic of Rehabilitation at the Regional Children’s Specialized Hospital in Olsztyn. He also leads the Warmia-Mazury Unit of the Polish Rehabilitation Society. Prof. Kowalski used to hold a position of the regional consultant in the field of medical rehabilitation. He has put much effort into the life of the faculty as well as the University.

Prof. Kowalski leads and executes numerous research projects, and participates in fellowships as well as symposia held abroad. He is in the charge of all-Polish, obligatory specialization course for doctors, run by the Medical Centre of Postgraduate Education, in the field of rehabilitation of children with chronic respiratory diseases. The Professor has participated in the work of eighteen Polish and international scientific and governing committees. He is also a scientific consultant and editor of numerous journals: the editor-in-chief of “Polish Annals of Medicine”, the editor and member of the Scientific Committee of “Journal of Elementology”, a member of the team of consultants for “Polish Journal of Rehabilitation Research”, and the consultant of the Polish Guide for the Disabled. He has also written 250 scientific articles and three academic textbooks.

Prof. Ireneusz Kowalski is a member of numerous scientific organizations, for instance: of the General Board of the Polish Rehabilitation Society, of the International Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine, Baltic&North Sea Forum on Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine, Society on Scoliosis Orthopedic and Rehabilitation Treatment, the Polish Group of the Society on Scoliosis Orthopedic and Rehabilitation Treatment, Polish Orthopaedics and Traumatology Society (Spinal Orthopaedics Section), and of the Polish Society of Spinal Surgery.

Prof. Kowalski has received numerous awards for his merits.


Professor Jan Miciński (1963) graduated from the Academy of Agriculture and Technology in 1989. He was awarded the title of a Doctor of Agricultural Sciences in 1998, and in 2009 he earned habilitation. He works at the Chair of Cattle Breeding and Milk Quality Evaluation.

Prof. Miciński’s academic achievements are as follows: 193 scientific publications, including 92 original and large-scale scientific works (21 publications from the ISI Master Journal List, and 71 publications from the list of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, part B), as well as 6 monographs.

At first, the Professor focused his scientific research around the conditions of Limousine bulls’ growth and development of their offspring, as well as the evaluation of the bulls’ quality and breeding usefulness. Then, he assessed the fattening capacity, slaughter value and the quality of meat-breed cattle beef, indicative of a special diet. The professor’s research into the influence of genetic and environmental  factors on the improvement of cattle’s quality and milk yield, as well as into health values of milk and beef, was of much importance for the Polish science.

Prof. Miciński has taken part in numerous research fellowships: in Germany, Denmark, the Czech Republic, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and in Poland.

He carried out his scientific research within 5 projects, including one headed by the Professor himself. Moreover, he is a member of the Polish Animal Science Society, and of the editorial staff of the “Polish Annals of Medicine” Magazine (the theme editor). He established cooperation with the Kazakh National Agricultural University in Almaty, Kostanay State University (Kazakhstan), and with the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada. He maintains and develops cooperation with: the University of Iowa (the USA), the University in Kaunas, the University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice, and with the association of farmers in Hesse, Germany.

Prof. Miciński educates students from four UWM faculties, mainly in the fields of cattle breeding and raising. He has supervised one doctoral thesis. As many as 65 students have written their theses under Prof. Miciński’s direction. He has reviewed 68 dissertations, one habilitation thesis, and numerous scientific articles, 42 popular-science articles, as well as 42 statements and reports for national and international conferences.


Professor Anna Zelma (1970) graduated from the Catholic University of Lublin in 1994. Three years later, in 1997, she earned the title of a Doctor of Theology, and in 2008 she was awarded habilitation.

Prof. Zelma has been working at the UWM Faculty of Theology since 1999. Moreover, she has worked as an Associate Professor since 2009.  She is a board member of the Association of Polish Professors in Religious Education, as well as a member of the European Equipe for Catechesis: EEC, and of Polish Theological Society. Prof. Zelma also used to work as a secretary of “Forum Teologiczne” editorial staff. She has always put much effort into the work for the faculty. She is a member of the UWM Senate, and of the UWM editorial board. Currently, she is the head of the Chair of Pastoral Theology and Catechetics.

Prof. Zelma’s academic interests include: integral catechesis and education, especially the catechesis for teenagers, didactics of teaching religion in various groups of students, correlation of teaching religion with school education, professional development of religion teacher, and other chosen education-related issues.

She is an author of three monographs, and 277 publications (including: 203 original works in academic periodical and group monographs; four articles of joint-authorship, 14 lexicographical works; 19 popular science publications; 15 reviews, 1 report, 1 translation, 4 works of joint-authorship functioning as didactic aid for teaching religion in upper secondary schools, 16 original scenarios of religion lessons). Prof. Zelma is also an author of methodological workshops for religion teachers, and a co-organizer of Polish and international academic conferences. She has supervised one doctoral thesis, 60 master’s theses, and six doctorates are still being written under her direction. Many times has she received the UWM Rector’s Award for her academic achievements. In 2007 she was appreciated by the “Katecheta” Magazine with “Creative in thinking and action” Award for the articles that were published in the mentioned monthly magazine.


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