Medicine with new rights

The Faculty of Medical Sciences received rights to confer the degree of habilitated doctor in the discipline of medical sciences. This is another step towards creating a Collegium Medicum in Olsztyn in the future.

The Central Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles adopted a resolution on granting rights to carry out the habilitation procedure for Olsztyn medicine on 14 March. The faculty had to satisfy difficult formal requirements. The issues taken into account included examination of academic achievements of the faculty, its international contacts, effectiveness of granting doctoral degrees, as well as the formal status of the academic staff.

“The faculty has to employ at least 12 senior employees with the title of professor or a habilitated doctoral degree, as well as have a proper number of publications at a high level,” explains prof. Wojciech Maksymowicz, Dean of the Faculty of Medical Sciences.

The Faculty of Medical Sciences has been existing for only 9 years, but in this short time it has been able to gather outstanding specialists in Olsztyn. It currently employs almost 40 professors and habilitated doctors. This professional staff has also contributed to the fact that the Olsztyn students of medicine achieved the best results in Poland in the Physician Final Examination last year. The faculty obtained rights to confer the doctoral degree in 2011, after just four years of its existence.

“Granting rights to medicine is additional prestige but, not only that, it will be taken into consideration during the procedure of parameter assignment for the faculty. So far, we have achieved category B and we have not been able to apply for an upgrade to category A. Now we will have a chance to do this, and consequently, a chance to receive more funds for research,” adds prof. Maksymowicz.

The Faculty of Medical Sciences will be able to introduce habilitation procedures, as well as to apply for professor titles for its employees who satisfy relevant requirements.

“We will also be able to launch doctoral studies and, most importantly, it is another step towards establishing the Collegium Medicum,” concludes Prof. Maksymowicz.