German prize for researchers from Kortowo

PhD students MSc. Dariusz Tanajewski and MSc. Grzegorz Grunwald from the Department of Satellite Geodesy and Navigation at the Faculty of Geodesy, Geospatial and Civil Engineering of the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn received a special prize in the competition of the German space agency DLR.

They have presented the concept of the Mobile Underwater Positioning System (MUPS) for underwater navigation, which allows locating objects under water. The solution is to make the mapping of oceans, seas and lakes easier than ever. The Olsztyn technology allows reaching the wrecks of airplanes that have fallen into the seas and oceans. It also facilitates reaching the survivors in a relatively short time after such a disaster. Such people as, for example: divers, archaeologists, engineers or specialists in environmental protection can all benefit from its advantages.

It all started with the disaster of the Malaysian airlines’ Boeing somewhere over the Indian Ocean in March 2014. Many months of unsuccessful search prompted MSc. Dariusz Tanajewski (right) and MSc. Grzegorz Grunwald (left) to develop a more effective method of searching for the wrecks of airplanes in large bodies of water.

The doctoral students from Kortowo received the award on the 20th October at a gala ceremony in Berlin organized for the winners of the Galileo Masters 2015 competition in which they competed.

The European Satellite Navigation Competition Galileo Masters is considered to be the most important competition for those who are interested in satellite technologies and who are thinking about a career in the space sector, setting up a startup or diversifying their activities. A total of 484 complete applications were sent to all regional editions. 64 applications were sent from Poland and thus our country took first place in this respect. It is a huge success and important evidence that the Polish students, researcher workers and entrepreneurs have a great potential regarding the use of satellite navigation.

Drone POSEIDRONE from Valencia received the “Galileo Masters” prize. It is a small airplane that can be used during rescue operations at sea. The winner of the Polish edition of the ESNC competition was the “Pastguide” programme created by Pixel Legend – a company from Szczecin. “Pastguide” recreates the original view of historical places, such as The Main Square in Cracow.

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