Fen peatlands after drainage – landscape and soil

The role of peatlands in the landscape and their rational use will constitute the subject of the international workshop titled Fen peatlands after drainage – landscape and soil.

Fen peatlandsare the most frequently found ecosystems in the North-Eastern Poland. In other regions of Poland they are not so common. The majority of peatlands have been drained, but they still constitute precious habitats of numerous plant and animal species. Fen peatlands after drainage – landscape and soil – such is the title of the second international workshop organized by the Chair of Soil Science and Soil Protection UWM in Olsztyn, together with Warsaw University of Life Sciences, and International Peat Society. The workshop will be held in Olsztyn on 6-10 July 2015. The subject of the workshop will concern aspects related to: the role of peatlands in landscape, a systematic and terrain classification of peat soil, problems related to the research on peat soil, as well asthe elements of the rational use of peatlands. We hope that the discussion between young academics and their more experienced colleagues will result in formulating Polish strategy for the responsible use of peat terrains.

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