Chemistry with a subsidy from the Province

Next year in the autumn, the UWM will offer a new programme of studies - chemistry. This is the result of the support provided by the provincial authorities. On 24 May, the Rector of the UWM and the Marshal of the Province signed an agreement to this effect.

The subject of an agreement signed during the meeting of the UWM Senate is the co-financing modern didactic infrastructure for chemistry as a new programme. The cost of the entire project is estimated at PLN 13.5 million. The provincial government assigned for this purpose more than PLN 11.1 million from the Regional Operational Programme Warmia and Mazury. Chemistry will be offered at the Faculty of Environmental Management and Agriculture.

Why chemistry?

‘Because the UWM has long traditions of chemistry teaching, reaching back to the 1950s. Currently, at the Faculty of Environmental Management and Agriculture, chemistry is conducted by three chairs: Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry and Agricultural Chemistry. The faculty teachers also conduct courses at other faculties, in the programmes of environmental protection, food technology and human nutrition, chemical and process engineering and forestry. Some laboratories have been modernized, but, at present, our didactic infrastructure does not ensure high quality of teaching. We want to change that, especially since we have very well-prepared staff’, explains Prof. Ryszard Górecki, the UWM Rector.

‘UWM students write bachelor, engineer, master and doctoral theses on environmental protection, sewage treatment, environment monitoring, food analysis, toxicology, new methods for automation and control of industrial processes or the application of electrochemical methods in environmental protection. The scope of those papers is directly related to the scope of development of the Warmia and Mazury Province and, in particular, with smart specialisations of the region. Therefore, the Province Government, with emerging financial possibilities, decided, in the first place, to financially support the programme of chemistry’, Gustaw Marek Brzezin, the Province Marshal, a UWM graduate assured.

Chemistry will be located at pl. Łódzki 4, in the building currently hosting the Chair of Chemistry and Environmental Chemistry. However, it will undergo major refurbishment and modernization. Passageways will be adjusted for the needs of the disabled (with a lift), laboratories will be equipped with new laboratory furniture, and the existed ones that are still in good condition will be properly adapted (new tops, fittings, fume cupboards).

The estimated value of construction work is PLN 3 million. The UWM will allocate the remaining part of the subsidy for didactic infrastructure. Seven laboratories and two seminar rooms will be created, i.e. the Laboratory of General and Inorganic Chemistry, the Laboratory of Analytical Chemistry, the Laboratories of Instrumental Analysis, the Laboratory of Organic Chemistry, the Laboratory of Physical Chemistry, the Laboratory of Applied Electrochemistry, Diploma Laboratory and 2 seminar rooms. After completion of modernization works, the rooms will be fitted with modern research apparatus (784 items), including an atomic force microscope (AFM), inductively coupled plasma - mass spectrometer and chromatographs of various types.

The project will result in opening a new programme of study, chemistry, with two new specialisations: chemical analytics and diagnostics, and applied chemistry. The subject matter supervision of the new programme will be provided by: dr hab. Danuta Zielińska prof. UWM, dr hab. Stanisława Koronkiewicz, dr hab. Sławomir Kalinowski prof. UWM and dr hab. inż. Bogusław Pierożyński, prof. UWM.

The UWM will soon launch a call for tenders for the refurbishment and modernization of the building. The project completion date is 30 September 2020. If all goes according to plan, the first students of chemistry will start their studies at the UWM next year in October.


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