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dr Agnieszka Bęś and prof. Danuta Zielińska
A new Chemistry programme at the Faculty of Environmental Management and Agriculture at the start of its operation will provide seven student laboratories and two seminar rooms with complete state-of-the-art equipment. The furnishing of student laboratories with furniture and equipment is just beginning.

More than 70 candidates have applied to this new programme, which will be launched at the UWM in October. “This is a success,” said dr hab. Danuta Zielińska, prof. UWM, the head of the Chair of Chemistry at the Faculty of Environmental Management and Agriculture (on the right in the photo)

“And all of this in spite of the fact that the coronavirus has very effectively undermined our publicity plans. It was a good idea for us to strongly focus on promotion on the Internet,” said Professor Zielińska. “Dr Agnieszka Bęś (on the left in the photo) and Dr Kazimierz Warmiński from our Chair were particularly involved in this promotion campaign,” Prof. Zielińska added.

First-year chemistry students will attend their classes in brand new laboratories. Their renovation and adaptation, which began in January this year, was finished in August. The modernised rooms are located in the building of the Chair of Chemistry at Plac Łódzki 4, with an additional entrance from Oczapowskiego 8, on the ground floor, two upper floors and a previously unused attic.

The teaching base of the Chair consists of seven student laboratories for: General and Inorganic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Instrumental Analysis and Applied Electrochemistry. Sixteen workstations, on average, have been prepared in these laboratories to enable students to carry out laboratory experiments on their own, supervised by a teacher. In addition, three smaller diploma labs have been created, in which students will be able to conduct their own research for their diploma theses.

Each laboratory features fresh tiles on the walls and floors and wide doors enabling wheelchair access. The rooms are equipped with all required media, modern ventilation systems, as well as safety showers and eyewash stations. Additional rooms for technical staff, preparation rooms for classes and cloakrooms for students are situated next to the laboratories. Student laboratories are spacious, high and bright. Every level can be reached by a lift, which will also enable people with disabilities to study in this programme.

Three teaching laboratories are already fully equipped, while new laboratory furniture will be installed in the remaining ones and laboratory equipment and apparatus, purchased as part of the project, will also be installed soon.

“All equipment planned in the project is the latest generation technology. This is certainly at the European level already,” assures Dr Agnieszka Bęś, Assistant Professor in the Chair of Chemistry.

Student laboratories and classrooms are located mainly on the 1st and 2nd floor. In the attic, there are two modern, functional and very attractive, air-conditioned and fully equipped seminar rooms. It is already reasonable to assume in advance that this will be the showroom of the programme. The corridors in the building are very original - each has a floor in a different colour - grey on the ground floor, lime on the first floor and blue on the second floor.

Chemistry at the UWM will be launched in “the full option”. It was made possible because the government of the Warmia and Mazury Province allocated over PLN 11 million from the Warmia and Mazury Regional Operational Programme for this purpose. The instruments, laboratory equipment and laboratory furniture alone are expected to cost PLN 10.5 million and the entire project will cost about PLN 16 million.

Lech Kryszałowicz

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