Central European political scientists at the UWM

prof. Arkadiusz Żukowski na mównicy
Challenges to Democracy: Political Processes in Central and Eastern Europe is the focus of the 25th anniversary Central European Political Science Association Conference. This is the first time an event of this significance has been held in Olsztyn.

The UWM has been striving to organise it for several years. It is not a coincidence that the anniversary edition took place in Kortowo. The Institute of Political Science at UWM is an important political science centre, not only on the Polish scene, and its director, Prof. Arkadiusz Żukowski, is the president of the Polish Political Science Association and a member of the Executive Committee of the International Political Science Association. The congress, which took place in Olsztyn on 18 and 19 November, was attended by about 150 researchers from 21 countries, mainly European, but it also hosted guests from Canada and Pakistan. The following academic centres in Poland were represented at the event: the Jagiellonian University, the University of Łódź, the University of Warsaw, the University of Silesia, the University of Wrocław, the University of Opole, the Nicolaus Copernicus University, the Adam Mickiewicz University, the Jan Kochanowski University, Mazovian State University in Plock, the European School of Law and Administration and the UWM. Foreign scholars came from, among others: Austria, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Denmark, Hungary, Lithuania, Germany, Ukraine, Armenia, Turkey and Russia.

Conference participants also included officials from the Central European Political Science Association – its president, Dr Miro Haczek from the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia and Dr Boglarka Koller from the University of Budapest, as well as Professor Jerzy Wiatr, the first president of the Association.

“It is a great honour for us to have this anniversary congress taking place in Olsztyn at our university. Its topic – Challenges to Democracy: Political Processes in Central and Eastern Europe – is directly related to the current political situation in Central Europe. Therefore, during the congress, we discussed both the aspects of internal policies of selected countries and international policies,” says Prof. Arkadiusz Żukowski.

In addition to attending numerous presentations, congress participants also took part in two round-table discussions on the challenges for political science during the pandemic and on the future of political science.

The congress was organised by the Institute of Political Science of the UWM, with Dr Maciej Hartliński as its “driving force”. It was financed by the Ministry of Science and Education.