Attractive - what does it mean?

A grant of PLN 570,000 for foreign promotion by promoting good practices has been won by the Academy of Business at the University of Warmia and Mazury in the competition organised by the National Agency for Academic Exchange.

The winning project is entitled: Internationalisation of the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn and promoting Polish universities in Europe”. What is it about?

‘The Academy of Business has just started its 3rd year of existence. It enjoys great interest among students and doctoral students while graduates from it give it great reviews. Therefore, we decided to proudly present our educational solution on a wider forum, which means that our university will be promoted on an international scale’, said the project coordinator, Dr hab. Bogdan Włodarczyk, prof. of UWM, of the Faculty of Economic Sciences of the UWM, Head of the Academy of Business, in explaining the idea behind the project.

Six foreign partners participate in the project led by the UWM: the universities of Bifröst (Iceland), Siena (Italy), Istanbul (Turkey), the Roman-American University in Bucharest (Romania), Coruna (Spain) and the University of Technology in Porto (Portugal). However, this project is not only about an advertising campaign for the UWM at these universities. Its context is deeper. It consists of three stages: research, promotion and study visits (conferences).

What will the project participants study?

‘The project aims to examine the recognisability of Polish universities on the European market of education and to enhance the potential of the UWM by increasing its international presence. This will be achieved by promoting our Academy of Business and international cooperation, i.e. joint research projects with partners concerning the recognisability of the UWM and Polish universities in Europe’, explains Prof. Włodarczyk.

The project participants will conduct the research at their universities; they will try to identify which countries and universities students take into account first when they are planning to study abroad and what they find attractive. They will also ask the scientists working there about the forms of cooperation between foreign scientific centres that they find attractive. They will also ask questions of entrepreneurs, e.g. whether they recognise Polish university graduates and how they rate their professional competences. Having collected and analysed the data, the project participants will prepare a promotion strategy for the UWM. This will be done at the universities participating in the project and in their surrounding areas.

This will be followed by stage 3, i.e. summarising the project at each university through study visits. The first one was held on 26-27 November at the UWM as the project inauguration. The last conference will also be held in Kortowo in a year’s time. The project will last until the end of 2020.

‘I expect that when the project is completed, we will have knowledge of how Polish universities are perceived and whether the UWM is recognised abroad. With this knowledge we will be able to adapt the UWM to the expectations of foreign students and scientists and to promote it more effectively’, concludes the project coordinator, Prof. Bogdan Włodarczyk.